Fundraising with Shakespeare


A talented group of sixth form students from West Sussex are devising a production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, to be performed this Saturday (15th July) in aid of the National Youth Arts Trust’s work. This brilliant student led production features original music and is designed for families of all ages.

The students are passionate about ensuring that everyone has access to an arts education which is why they are very kindly supporting NYAT’s work. We recently caught up with the cast to talk about the production and why they believe an education in the arts is so important:

Clare Packham, 18, the show’s director says, “our show is in support of the National Youth Arts Trust, a charity dedicated to providing young people with the opportunities necessary to further their arts education.

The number of young people pursuing careers in the arts is declining rapidly. We believe the arts to be an absolute essential in society, and to discourage young people from developing their skills will be detrimental.

We decided to support this charity as whilst we have access to arts tuition and facilities, not everybody does. We wish to to excite and inspire children to explore the arts as more than just a hobby.

IMG_3690                              IMG_3692

The purpose of our production is to inspire young people to take the initiative and create their own opportunities using local talent. Having visited schools for theatre-based and play writing workshops, it has become even more apparent that arts education needs the funding it deserves, as these children will flourish with more experiences that are currently unavailable for them.”

Sanmay Kanumakala, 18, who plays Viola, believes “it is important in the continuing austerity and the widening class divide to ensure that the arts do not become solely something for the privileged. This production with free entry and student actors and musicians helps to even the playing field and make the arts accessible to all.”

Tom Wheatland, 17, talks about the experience in playing Ariel: “being in The Tempest has been such an enjoyable experience. The relationship and collaboration between the cast has been wonderful; being able to work on a project with your friends and for a meaningful cause has made a production which I am truly proud of.”

Visit Horsham Festival this Saturday and be sure to catch this exciting student production! More info here:

Thank you very much to all these amazing students for your support, and for being an incredible champion for the arts and our cause.

For more information about the production or The Tempest workshops in schools please contact:

For more information about the National Youth Arts Trust’s work please contact: or visit our website:



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